PRAISE FOR THE MANICURIST-- "Schieber has painted a fine portrait of the struggles and challenges of being different in an unforgiving world. Her characters are authentic and touching. Using language that is at once both straightforward and evocative, Schieber writes a story that you will...

Phyllis Schieber

In The Manicurist, Tessa’s premonitions have the potential to resolve the past…or they may destroy her family’s future

Tessa and Walter have, by all appearances, the perfect marriage.  And they seem to be ideal parents for their somewhat rebellious teen-age daughter, Regina.  Without warning, however, their comfortable lives are thrown into turmoil when a disturbing new customer comes into the salon where Tessa works as a manicurist.  Suddenly, Tessa’s world is turned upside down as revelations come to light about the mother she thought had abandoned her in childhood and the second sight she so guardedly seeks to keep from others.  A magical novel of secrets revealed and a family in turmoil, searching together for new beginnings.

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